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Hello, everyone. I’m Lao Yang.

Today, I will tell you how to make the whole family use Wi-Fi to surf the Internet scientifically

. I have also played on the tubing for more than a year

. Solution

This solution is a bit difficult to tell the truth.

Everything is difficult at first.

As long as you get started, you will find that soft routing is a very exciting world.

Last summer, I spent an entire afternoon searching on YouTube to

install the soft routing at home.

At the time, I used the koolshare forum.

Afterwards, the OpenWrt system basically didn’t move much

because I was worried that there would be no way to restore

it. Just like when you were a kid, you took apart the small electrical appliances at home and 免费翻墙软件

reinstalled it. After you always found a few more parts on the desktop,

there was a small soft router called R2S recently. It is very popular

some time ago. I also placed an order and purchased it.

Through installation and trial, I found

that it is a bit easier to install than the previous J1900 soft router


Of course, because I have a little soft routing foundation,

I said it is relatively convenient.

I made this tutorial video for For everyone,

there may still be some that don’t understand.

It’s okay. Even if you leave a message in the comment area,

I will try my best to answer your questions.

First of all, let’s solve what is soft routing

. The Wi-Fi router we usually use is called hard. Routing

This R2S is called soft routing and

hard routing is equivalent to this Nokia tablet phone

soft routing is equivalent to Apple’s smart phone.

You can install APP on it,

use APP to surf the Internet and other

functions. OpenWrt is a bit like iOS or Android on mobile phones.

The Passwall Koolss sour milk

and SSR+ plug-ins you install on the system are equivalent to the APPs installed in your mobile phone,

but most of the soft routers do not have Wi-Fi function.

You need to match them after setting up the soft router.

Wi-Fi router performs signal transmission.

When the soft router is set up scientifically, this wireless router can only become an AP. It

only transmits Wi-Fi signals and

how to connect it. When I arrive, I will explain that

today I am also the first time to use R2S soft router to achieve scientific Internet access.

I spent a total of 1 hour for the whole operation, which is quite

fast. We then proceeded to the actual operation of the

R2S soft routing. It is indeed very small and about

the same as Apple’s second-generation wireless headset AirPods. The

WAN port is the LAN port. This is the power port.

The reset button and the USB interface

can be inserted into the TF card.

This is the system power indicator light to

install the software routing hardware part: the power supply soft routing TF card

reader is to operate on the computer. After

we insert the TF card into the card reader to connect to the computer

Just use the writing tool blaenaEcher

blaena means whale in English. It

sounds a bit like Baleno, so let’s call Baleno.

Let’s open Baleno and choose the firmware to write.

Here I choose the bigdongdong firmware

specially compiled for R2S soft routing.

dongdong is my scientific Internet “leader”

. It’s the big man of science and technology sharing on YouTube.

You can follow his channel. It’s very interesting to

choose a USB flash drive. This writing and

writing process is actually very fast

and the writing is successful.

Physically connect the R2S soft router with the optical

modem. This is the basic configuration of our scientific Internet access. The

bottom is the optical modem sent by China Unicom.

This is the soft router. This is the Wi-Fi router.

The network cable connects the optical modem’s Gigabit Ethernet port. Soft router WAN port

Soft router is responsible for scientific Internet translation signal. The signal transmitted

by Wi-Fi router inside Wi-Fi router through this network cable

is the signal of scientific Internet access.

I have just introduced the connection relationship between several devices.

Now R2S The way to replace the J1900 large soft router

cable is not much difference.

I first insert the TFK card and

insert it, and then connect the optical modem cable to the WAN port

because my home’s network cable is buried in the wall and stretched out. It’s too short,

so it’s a bit awkward to shoot. The

black is the network cable from the light cat, which is connected to the WAN port of the soft router.

The blue network cable is connected to the computer from the LAN port.

The lights are all on, indicating that it is connected.

Next, we go to the computer to proceed Operate the

R2S soft routing background, the default IP address is

, and the

user name is root (the user name has been entered by default) and

enter the password


These are not important. The important thing is: Network-Interface Here

we enter the WAN port to modify the settings Set

here as the default DHCP client. If your home is an optical modem dial-up,

then use the DHCP client settings to save and apply.

If it is not an optical modem dial-up but a router dial-up,

then the WAN port protocol

must select the PPPoe mode switching protocol

and change your home Enter the broadband user name and password and

save the application.

OK, let’s try it. Can we go to the domestic website?

This shows that the soft router can basically go online. The

next important thing is the scientific Internet access and the

scientific Internet access plug-in?

The good science Internet plug-in is in this Passwall ad blocking master SSR+

. To be honest, I have never used these and everyone is the first time

to try Passwall.

Then choose “Node Subscription”.

First use the subscription address of Paofuyun to

save the application

manually The subscription

configuration has been applied.

Where is my node?

Oh, it’s coming out.

This is the node of the airport I subscribed to. Then we

choose to use and try the tcp service.

OK, turn on the main switch, save and apply the

test. Google can

then try the

science and go online

and then try the tubing.

This shows Japan (node location)

It’s not bad to see

. The speed of turning on this node is okay.

Hey, hello, the video hurricane

is now a wired network, and you can go online scientifically.

Let’s take a look at the wireless Internet cafe.

I unplug the network cable and try it. The

network cable is unplugged.

Because the Wi-Fi router I haven’t physically connected yet,

I’ll go to connect it physically.

Because my home is an optical modem dial-up soft router, the DHCP client is selected

. The WAN port of this Wi-Fi router fails.

I pulled out one from the LAN port of the Wi-Fi router.

The LAN port where the network cable is connected to the soft router is the original blue network cable.

Let’s try whether it can

be set up in the background of the family Wi-Fi scientific Internet access.

Turn off the DHCP server in the routing setting-DHCP server.

Because the DHCP service has been enabled on the soft router,

you must turn off the DHCP service of the Wi-Fi router and save it

because we have already done this, so we won’t repeat it

. Let’s connect to Wi-Fi again.

OK Wi-Fi is already connected to the Internet cable, I also unplug it

and try again, can I surf the Internet scientifically? It

’s okay to

try again YouTube

YouTube can also

open a

Wi-Fi scientific Internet speed is also OK

Take this opportunity I will build my own The node is set on the soft route

through its own add

input, and the Google cloud node is

almost saved and applied.

Let me take a look at my self-built node before saving the application. What does it mean

to forget to select the mode

other than the Chinese list GFW global mode game mode

China list The other is the mainland whitelist mode,

let me try the GFW list mode,

save and apply

it, try my self-built node,

self-built node can also surf the Internet scientifically, it

happens to be R2S

or the video

speed is also good,

and then try Netflix, it

can also be played here. I won’t show it to everyone and

try the speed measurement again.

I chose the nearest China Unicom

500M broadband to run to 397M

(because the study is too far away from the Wi-Fi router near the weak battery box). Is

my broadband 500M or 300M? Coming?

It defaults to 300M. Well,

turn off the mobile phone and connect to Wi-Fi. Turn on YouTube. The

phone connects to Wi-Fi. It’s no problem to surf the Internet. Just

find a video and

play it on Wukong

. You can even play YouTube on

the TV. I’m looking

at the same paragraph,

wow, I really want to buy a PS5.

OK, try Netflix. It’s

still very fast.

Fast forward.

Okay. Today’s approximate test is almost here.

I am also the first time to use R2S soft routing.

Of course, I have the basics of J1900 soft routing before.

I found that this is not that complicated whether it is from the installation of the machine to the startup.

In short, I think it is still worth recommending.

After all, the price of R2S is only more than 200 and cheaper than J1900 and more than 400.

In a limited budget or your home broadband is below gigabit,

it can basically be recommended for

use today. That’s it for sharing.

I’m the old sheep, thank you for your attention. Goodbye!


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